Vlad The Enforcer's Undead Angels

Antoinette: The Devil Cosplayer

First Name: Antoinette
Last Name: Classified
Life Status: Undead
Species: Zombie
Age Before Zombification: 21

Career Before Zombification: College Student / Aspiring Actress
Career After Zombification: One of Vlad's Undead Angels

Short Story:
Antoinette was born in France to a wealthy family. She always had everything she wanted, except her parents attention. She discovered comics and dove into them as well as loved horror movies. Because of these things she didn't have lots of friends, and was always thought of by her peers as a bit bizarre. Antoinette was always fascinated by Halloween (which wasn't as well known in France) and dressing up as characters as an escape from her empty life.

Antoinette came to the US a few times for ComicCons and such where she made a small name for herself as a Cosplayer, and people started to ask her to model for them. As Antoinette enjoyed being in front of the camera more and more, she decided to move to the US permanently, and go to college in NYC to pursue acting as a career.

It was in college that Antoinette met Katerina, who was stripping to pay her tuition, and although they came from very different financial backgrounds, they quickly became best friends. Antoinette got Katerina into comics, and cosplay, and after a short while offered to work it out that she would pay for Katerina's college so she could stop stripping. Katerina said no at first as it did make her uncomfortable to take that much money from a friend, but Antoinette assured her that her parents were so loaded they wouldn't even miss the money. After Katerina had a few bad weeks at the strip club, Antoinette finally talked her into taking the deal.

The two started taking acting classes and soon ended up trying out for a student film for another student at the college. They met and impressed Tiffany, and after talking found they all had similar interests and goals. Tiffany took them under her wing, as they were both new to the US, and started showing them around NYC.

Antoinette, Katerina, and Tiffany became inseparable, and at the end of the school year got an off campus apartment together. Antoinette, and Katerina continued to act in all Tiffany's films as well as help promote the projects.

About 3 months prior to the Apocalypse Antoinette, Katerina, and Tiffany went to a Halloween costume party in NY with live music. At the party was a big cauldron of vodka filled with apples and other goodies set up for bobbing for apples, and the three had a blast with it.

In the morning the three woke up in a strange facility feeling terrible, with what they thought was a hangover. In a cell next to them were a few guys who had also played bobbing for apples the evening before. As the girls got sicker, the guys were basically un-phased.

A few weeks later the girls were in a light zombified state, and the boys were just fine.

The whole group of them were finally addressed by a man in a white coat who told them they have done a great service for their country, and had ingested a trial formula being created for Operation SoldierZ. The formula had been dumped into the cauldron of vodka and apples towards the end of the night and they are still rounding up the other trial subjects.

The man in the white coat also explained that it was time to test a different strain of the formula, as they were close to, but not yet achieving their desired results. They would all be injected with this new formula. Other test subjects were also brought in that had not had any contact with prior strains.

After the new injection, Antoinette, Katerina, and Tiffany had no change. Still mildly zombiefied they were kept at the facility. The boys from the halloween party were also un-phased, and still normal. It was concluded that the previous strain gave an immunity to the stronger strain for both sets of subjects. The boys were taken to another room where they were mind erased and set free.

The new male subjects that hadn't had any prior exposure to the formula became zombified but controllable to be used as US Soldiers. All the new female subjects died.