Vlad The Enforcer's Undead Angels

Ariel & Ashley : The Twins

First Name: Ariel & Ashley
Last Name: Classified
Life Status: Undead
Species: Zombie
Age Before Zombification: 24

Career Before Zombification: Struggling Musician
Career After Zombification: Musician In Vlad's Mystical Minstrels (House Band At Vlad's Undead Angels Club)

Short Story:
Ashley and Ariel are Twin sisters who graduated from a Jersey City college with music degree's. They studied all types of music and can do it all. Ashley's instrument of choice is the bass guitar and she prefers to play metal. Ariel is an exceptional violinist who plays in an orchestra in New York, but also likes to jam out with her sister when time allows.

About 3 months prior to the Apocalypse Ashley was playing a Halloween costume party in NY with her band and Ariel was there just for the party. After getting off stage The two of them partook in a game of bobbing for apples in a big cauldron of vodka with some other girls and guys. In the morning what they thought was a hang over after a fun night turned into some strange symptoms. The two sisters both came down with a mild case of zombification.

They were shunned by their friends and stopped going out, until they remembered a club rumored to be run by Vamps in New York that they had been to once or twice. They figured they would see how they were treated there as they realized there was something undead going on with them.


Ashley and Ariel met resistance at first but when they gave attitude back to one of the regulars they were approached by the owner of the bars daughter, Juliette, and complimented on their "balls". As they got to talking it was realized that Ashley could fill the empty bass guitar spot in the band's house band Vlad's Mystical Minstrels, of which the Juliette was the drummer. Crimson, the guitarist, had always talked about working with a violinist, and they mutually decided to make a go of it.

After several months the band was a well oiled machine. At this point the Apocalypse was taking place, and surviving female zombies were being rounded up by the US government and taken to a facility. Ashley and Ariel were unaware of this or even that there were others like them as they had taken refuge with the Vampires.

One evening Ashley and Ariel were out and were spotted by government officials. Ariel was captured and taken to the facility, but Ashley escaped and after she lost any tails she headed back to the Vamp club, where she told her band mates what had happened. Juliette then took Ariel to Vlad The Enforcer and Eve the Vamp General, where they developed a strategic rescue plan.

Ashley returned to the area that Ariel was last spotted, and started asking everyone she saw if they had seen her sister, as well as shouting her name. She then hung around until she was spotted and allowed herself to be captured.  Juliette, and Crimson were following right behind in the shadows. Once they reached the destination the Vamps stormed the facility, slaying all the officials and scientists in their way. They then freed all the zombies and took them back to the club, where they took up residence.