Vlad The Enforcer's Undead Angels

Eve: Vampire Assassin

First Name: Eve
Last Name: None
Life Status: Undead
Species: Vampire
Age: 6000

Before Zombie Apocalypse: General of a secret association of assassins associated with Vlad The Enforcer
After Zombie Apocalypse: Same except no longer operating in secret

Short History:
Eve has been around since the dawn of mankind, although her origin story is muddy. In the beginning a vampiric being and Eve had an altercation just outside of Eden. It is unclear if it is the original Eve who became a Vamp after vanquishing the being, or if the Vampiric being won the scuffle and took on the identity of Eve. She doesn't really like to talk about it so let's move on.

Eve has been a prominent Vampire since then politically in the dark backgrounds of politics where the vamps dwell.

Eve is the general to a secret society of vampire assassins who have protected the "species" and at times set history on the right path.