Vlad The Enforcer's Undead Angels

Scarlet Bio Photo

Scarlet: The Cupid Assassin

First Name: Scarlet
Last Name: Classified
Life Status: Undead
Species: Zombie
Age Before Zombification: 32

Career Before Zombification: Self Defense and Fitness Instructor/ Mistress To Prominent Politician
Career After Zombification: One Of Vlad's Undead Angels / Assassin

Short Story:
Scarlet met a NY Senator one day, and although she found him charming she initially resisted his advances as she knew he was married. After courting her daily and assuring her he wanted to leave his wife she finally went out with him.

They became more and more serious and were together about a year, when Scarlet started really pressing him on leaving his wife. She got the typical "thing's are sensitive with my prominent position, and timing is everything", as well as "when the timing is right", ect.

This went on and on, getting worse and worse over several months until finally Scarlet was threatening to go public with the affair. She hoped this would get him to finally leave his wife.

One night about 6 months before the big zombie Armageddon the Senator took Scarlet out for what seemed to be a romantic dinner. He said he wanted to make peace, and discuss how he could actually leave his wife. He told her she was right and it was time. After a pleasant evening, of wine, fine dining, and a little makeup action, Scarlet went to bed quite content.

The next morning though Scarlet awoke with strange symptoms, and over the next few days she slipped into a mild zombie state. While she was at her weakest her Senator rushed her to a research facility, he assured her could help. But once underground and in a cell he revealed he poisoned her with a trial syrum to see the effects and that he would never have left his wife. The syrum was one of the initial trial mixes the Goverment was working on for a top secret project titled SoldierZ.

As one of the first to end up in the "research facility", Scarlet was experimented on intensely by scientists who even went so far as to surgically implant wings.

After the Facility eventually is infiltrated by the Vampires, Scarlet is set free to become the most angry and ruthless of the zombified young ladies that become Vlad's Undead Angels.

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