Vlad The Enforcer's Undead Angels

Do you want to be an Undead Angel?

We are looking for models for shirts, posters, calendars and a book!

There are 2 ways!

1) As one of our original characters you see on this website. Please try to replicate as close as possible

2) As your own version of any fairy tale character with an undead twist. This option has more freedom, just make sure its a vampire or zombie version of a fairy tale character.

Once you pick which option is best for you, dress up as one of our Undead Angels from the Vamps or Vampire/Zombie Hybrid pages of this website, and send us 20 (or more) photos. These are characters with stories behind them, so please do your best to replicate the characters look I have created. Photos have to be hot enough to sell. Photos must also be professional enough and hi resolution enough for me to have professionally printed. NO selfies, NO bathroom shots or shots in front of mirrors. You need to send what will be usable.

We are also now looking to do live renditions of Fairy Tales in an Undead state. Any fairy tale you want to portray as either a vampire, or a zombie, then submit it to us. If it is hot, undead, and a bit gory, we want it!

All quality submissions will get a small model bio on our site if you send me your info.

Contact us with questions at VladTheEnforcer@aol.com

  • Can portray any of our original Undead Angels on this website, or any undead version of any fairy tale character. :
  • Must do your best to replicate the outfit and all our characters MUST HAVE FANGS! Whether they are on the Vamp page or Zombie Hybrid page, you need fangs.
  • Background could be intricate to if we can use your submission or not. We can do some photo shop if necessary but for the best results use a background you feel fits the character and/or a solid well lit background like a sheet that we can take out easily. Preferably a color that contrasts your outfit, green screen like.
  • Submit (at least) 12 HiRes photos
  • Must be 18 years of age or older!
  • By entering you agree to have your photo's and videos on our website and social media channels
  • Please also submit model and photographer releases for us to use the photos
  • Email Entries to VladTheEnforcer@aol.com If Files are too large contact us and we will set up a place to upload them.