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Ghastly Wicked Creations Studio’s purpose is to create bad ass, high quality art and designs, for shirts, prints, stickers and more. We have several related brands focusing on undead characters, and more.

We were originally founded in 2012 as Enforcer Designs by Jeff Mason, aka his stage name Vlad The Enforcer. The focus was do dark, haunting, gothic themed t-shirts.  To come up with the coolest designs, we worked with several other artists, and ultimately discovered a great anime artist/studio. Although not the original style we were going for, The Enforcer came up with a new vision, sexy zombie and vampire original characters drawn in a manga/anime style. Thus our main line of original characters Vlad’s Undead Angels were born.

Our original series Ghastly Wicked Tales takes the fairy tales and fables written sometimes centuries ago and adds a twist.

Using the same style art as the Undead Angels we make the heroines and heroes we know of old, more bad-ass, wicked, and usually some form of undead.  

These aren’t your great-grandmas Fairy Tales!

Our Classic Monster Series is our own artistic renderings and adaptions of well known monsters we all have grown up with from folklore and film.

Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wolfman, and more, the gangs all here.

Also check out the Classic Monsters band, Monster Mosh, from our original Concert Series!

Live Undead Angels and Live Ghastly Wicked Tales are professionally photographed versions of our original characters portrayed /cos-played by models and fans of our art, and then submitted to us for editing into our vision.

We work with model and photographer submissions from around the world and are always looking for more to work with.

The Ghastly Wicked / Undead Angels Concert Series brings all our brands together into one collective “universe”. 

The Undead Angels all original bands, Undead Angels, Punk A.D., The Skullfuckers, and Last Breath all take the stage. Special guest bands include the Classics Monsters band Monster Mosh, and the vampire fairy tale band Happily Ever Undead. 

We have many other all original designs, and projects that we work on including Vlad The Impaler original art. Villainous Vamps is a line we did for fun where we took known comic book characters and made them into vamps and zombies in the same style as our original Undead Angels Characters. Undead Origins pre-dates our company and is art work done by The Enforcer in the same median back around 2007 and 2008. Wyldesigns centers on wildlife, dinosaurs and dragons. We also have some designs for the band Vlad The Inhaler of which The Enforcer is the co-founder and drummer.

Lastly that brings us to Horror Mashups & More which are mostly designs we purchased the rights to dealing with well known horror and pop culture entities that we have made available on shirts, stickers etc. 

Our art is available on all types of products, specializing in shirts, posters, and stickers. 

Our main store is where you will find the best selection and shipping costs. 

UndeadAngels.NET has less designs, with some not available elsewhere.

And don’t forget to model our products and cosplay our characters!