Juliette Lightning 3.3: 3D Model To 2D Render

Vampiress Juliette Lightning is a powerful vampire by the bloodline of Vlad The Enforcer. She is the drummer to the Undead Angels band. Her thunderous and fast drumming along with the inherited ability to wield lightning promped her to take the surname Lightning. She also goes by Lady Lightning, Mistress Blitzkrieg and other variations.

Juliette also has all the normal  powers and abilities of a vampire, as well as the means to sprout wings as other vampires by bloodline do. 

Besides her natural abilities Juliette is in possession of an artifact passed down to her that allows her to control and travel time. She was taught to control it with the speed of her drum playing while wielding it, and has thus traveled to many places on the timeline. This has awarded her many items from all sorts of times and places, including pets that are long extinct.

After years of hiding the fact that she was an actual vampire, and acting like it was part of her stage show,  she now flaunts it as world events have produced and exposed there are all kinds of beasts out there……

The Evolutionary Art Of Juliette Lightning 2014 – Present
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Some Examples Of Shirt Designs Featuring Juliette Lightning