Luna Lilac 2.0: 3D Model To 2D Render

Luna Lilac knew she wasn’t like everyone else, and after looking for people she felt she could relate to through all avenues she tried a DNA site which ended up being a curse and a blessing at the same time. Through the site she found she had some very different DNA strands than most, and had very few matches. She did find cousins she was unaware of Ashley and Ariel Roxx. She reached out to them over the internet and they bonded over feeling like outcasts and their love of music. They planned to meet soon and maybe form a band, and even set a date.

But that date never happened, as the Government and other organizations were looking for people with certain qualities and DNA strands using these DNA websites. Luna (and her cousins) fit the qualifications and contractors were sent to bring her to a testing facility.

Things didn’t go how the contractors planned either and after a fight they killed Luna or at least thought they did. They buried her so no-one would find her. 

Luna came back to life, but was buried alive, which did affect her psych a tad. 

The vultures circled, and swooped down, but Luna called out to them, and bonded with them, controlled them. They pecked at the ground and when Luna finally crawled out, she embraced them. Luna can call upon them and other birds of prey whenever she wants them, and has even acquired the ability to spawn bird wings.

Pair that Luna always felt ugly (although she isn’t), and her love for the sound of the pipe organ, she always identified with the Phantom Of The Opera.  Because of this she often wears a mask, and after being buried alive, also sometimes wears skeletal face-paint. 

She has finally met with her cousins and along with them joined the vamps Juliette Lightning and Crimson Rayne to form the Undead Angels band.

The Evolutionary Art Of Luna Lilac 2017 – Present
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Some Examples Of Shirt Designs Featuring Luna Lilac