Mistress Nightmare 2.0: 3D Model To 2D Render

Tiffany goes by the name Mistress (or Miss) Nightmare and her lineage goes back to Lilith of the garden of Eden. 

Before finding out her heritage, Tiffany was a, somewhat, normal college film student with a love for making B-type horror films, and was set to graduate with honors, until the undead virus was spread by the Government. Dormant genes awoke after being exposed to the virus, and Tiffany realized great powers and abilities.

Among these abilities was the power to make people see unspeakable visions and their worst fears. Almost as if they were trapped in the type of movie she would love to create. As she started to realize her abilities, she then took on the title of Mistress Nightmare.

Miss Nightmare was recruited by the Undead Angels to do all the videography to play behind them onstage, as well as their music videos,  and to occasionally play the flute for their music.

The Evolutionary Art Of Mistress Nightmare 2013 – Present
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Some Examples Of Shirt Designs Featuring Mistress Nightmare