Lady Pearl is a member of the crew of The Crimson Lightning one of two ships manned by the undead that have come together to rule the seas for centuries.

Before being christened as The Crimson Lightning, the Rogue Officer was a warship manned by rogue navel officers who had become accustomed to picking up unscrupulous sometimes mysterious side jobs. Crew members took young ladies from different ports for their companionship on long journeys, whether the young ladies wanted to come or not.    

In 1672 two women secured a ride to the New World aboard the ship. Though disgusted, they ignored the sneers, glances, and remarks of the crew, as they didn’t want to make a scene, and just wanted to take their voyage. They sleep during the day citing a skin allergy to the sun and only came out at night. 

One night as they came out to the deck they witnessed how harsh the abuse of these taken ladies was, and the misery and torment on their faces. They then started the process of turning all the young women to vampires. In the weeks that followed as the transformation progressed the women sleep more during the day which led to even worse treatment by the crew, but it was all culminating to the evening they were fully vampire, and the two passengers maniacally led the newly turned vamps to slaughter the entire crew of  60 or so men.

Of the woman Jacquotte became captain as she was the old captains favorite and thus the most abused. Because of this she was also the most vicious and bent on vengeance. Since much of her time had been spent chained to the captains hull, she picked up a few things from watching him. She then took the name Captain Jacquotte Bloodlust. Other senior members of the now undead pirate ship crew were Rusila, Stikla, Jada and Marina. They renamed the ship The Crimson Lightning in honor of the two passengers who freed them from their oppressors….. Vlatka Juliette Lightning and Vladimira Crimson Reign.

More on their adventures to come…….

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